AT, 2023
83 min., OV
After seven years of festival history, hard work and countless conversations, we can proudly say that Austria indeed has a fabulously diverse and active porn film scene! Therefore this selection of AUSTRIAN PORN SHORTS is dedicated to all Austrian-based filmmakers who find the right frames for sexualities, desires, bodies, and fantasies. Inspiring images meet local artists and take audiences on a sexy exploration through this land of mountains, land of streams…
flight of fancy by Luna Timnis, Austria 2023, German, 4 minutes
FOOD LOVE by Magdalena Mayr and Max Hase, Austria 2023, English, 12 minutes
Naked Pianist by Yavuz Kurtulmus, Austria 2023, No Dialogue, 4 minutes
we had a thing by Franz Quitt, Austria 2022, German, 29 minutes
Wien-Konsent - Vienna Safety Instructor by Lars* Kollros, Austria 2024, No Dialogue, 8 minutes
friendly reminder by Luna Timnis, Austria 2023, English, 2 minutes
Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress by Jasmin Hagendorfer, Austria 2023, English and German, 24 minutes

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Zutritt ab 18 Jahren
Ticket: 9 EURO
*not included in nonstop Kinoabo